Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does the SC-Project exhaust kit include the necessary for an easy and correct installation on my motorbike?
Yes, it does. Every SC-project exhaust kit includes in its package the specific mounting kit for the motorbike it was purchased for. Every kit includes: exhaust system (silencer box), specific collector (exhaust manifold), extractable db killer, stainless steel strap with rubber covering, springs, screws, thermo resistant adhesives for the SC-Project silencer, EU homologation card to drive on road.

Is it possible to install on a motorbike an exhaust pipe, which is made for another model of motorbike?
No, it isn’t. It’s not possible to install on a motorbike an exhaust system which is created for another motorbike. Wrong installation and adaptation on other types of motorbike are unadvised, if they are not specified in the description of the product (visible in the online catalogue). This action will stop the homologation (specific for each model) and the product guarantee.

If I install a SC-Project exhaust system are a new mapping of the control unit and other changes on the motorbike necessary?
No, it isn’t. You haven’t to make any changes to your motorbike or to the control unit, since SC- Project exhaust systems are realized for every motorbike model and this allow to have higher performance without changes to control unit or to the original carburetion of the motorbike. The usage of an additional control unit is suggested with reference to the installation of a complete group full system.
In any case the adoption of an additional control unit (also on motorbike with the sole silencer) with a specific mapping and a higher performance filter can improve the supply and the maximum power of the motorbike. For some models one or more specific mapping are available on line (you can download it for free from our web site). Every mapping is realized on the bench test by competent technicians.

How do I clean my exhaust?

Use lubricant such as WD-40. Don’t use acidic material such as Clorox to remove stains. It will fade the carbon.If you using titanium, here the technique ““Give them a good wipe down with thinners, then spray and wipe down with Mr Muscle window cleaner – but make sure it’s the ‘with added vinegar’ version as that’s the dog’s danglies”. – Courtesy of

How frequent does my exhaust need to re-pack?

The nature of the product means that at intervals the exhausts will need to be repacked with sound absorption material. Carbon in the internal silencer will burn by time hence it would not have the same sound after certain time. Service intervals will depend on how hard, how far and how often you ride your bike. Normal repacking interval is about 20,000km-30,000km or every 2 years if daily commuter. Price for repacking now days range from RM100-RM200, depends on store.

My motorbike has a valve on the original exhaust system: what does happen if I assemble the SC-project exhaust system kit?
On some motorbike models the valve is situated before the silencer, so it hasn’t to be removed; in other cases it is removed together with the original silencer. It doesn’t cause power loss and decrease or damages to your motorbike.

What improvement has the installation of a SC-Project system with respect to the original one?
The improvement you can have if you have a SC-Project exhaust system are several:

  • High weight reduction with respect to the original exhaust system, from 30% to 70% according to the model; this is possible thanks to the usage of better materials as stainless steel AISI 304, titanium and carbon fibers.
  • Performance improvement with respect to the original exhaust system. The improvement varies according to the motorbike model; the performance improvement varies from +1 hp to +5 hp in some models.
  • Aggressive sound with racing tone inline with homologation parameters. – Aesthetic line characterized by strong personality and smart design.