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Beware of Fake SC-Project Exhausts!

It has come to our attention that there are some irresponsible sellers out there that are marketing a ‘fake’ (counterfeit) SC-Project exhaust systems for motorcycles in Malaysia as of late.

To ensure that you get the best performance and best quality for your beloved bike, only buy SC-Project exhausts from our authorized resellers.

Click here for the list of our authorized resellers in your region.

Pihak kami telah dimaklumkan bahawa ada peniaga yang tidak bertanggungjawab menjual ekzos SC-Project tiruan di pasaran Malaysia.

Untuk memastikan anda mendapat prestasi dan kualiti yang terbaik untuk motorsikal kesayangan anda, pastikan anda membeli ekzos SC-Project dari pengedar rasmi kami.

Klik di sini untuk mendapatkan senarai pengedar SC-Project yang rasmi di kawasan anda.

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We are now accepting credit card payment – pay directly with Visa or Mastercard securely to us!

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SC-Project Test BMW R1200 GS exhaust VICTORY!!
(Audio in German)


In August 2013 Germany´s biggest and most renowned magazine “Motorrad” compared the 14 best exhaust systems available in the market for the top-selling motorbike, the BMW R1200 GS 2010-2012 model.
The magazine tested aftermarket slip-on silencers – all in homologated version. The magazine tested all technical characteristics of all exhaust systems and analyzed results in order to notice positive and negative characteristics of all systems.

The test pointed out that the SC-Project silencer for the BMW R 1200 GS overcame its competitors both in performance terms and weight reduction.

Data are crystal clear: where competitors cause a loss of power higher than 6-7%, the SC-Project silencer shows a 2% improvement and is the best both in performance and weight reduction. Therefore SC-Project is an absolute test-winner with a record weight reduction of 56,9% compared to the BMW series silencer. It ranked higher than several point than other competitors.

Great details and a race motorbike sound characterize SC-Project exhaust system, which is among the best exhaust systems for one of the most sold and most beloved motorbike. The air-cooled BMW R1200GS is a real must-have and represents a life style for a lot of people.

High Performance Air Filters


SC-Project air filters are designed for specific use in combination with complete or semi-complete exhaust systems, or in silencer-only version produced by SC-Project in order to obtain the best possible performance increase with an exhaust replacement. Through optimisation of the filtering surfaces and the use of high-grade materials, a higher airflow rate is guaranteed compared to standard filters made of paper. A small drop in the amount of airflow allows for an increase in performance that, in combination with the SC-Project exhaust system, guarantees the best performance that can be obtained from the engine. 100% Made in Italy

The filters are made from rubber casting with the best technologies available on the market and the filtering material, dark red in colour, is of cotton soaked in oil with a low viscosity covered by a special aluminium mesh with epoxy treatment that is resistant to moisture and petrol vapours.

There are many advantages that distinguish SC filters from original paper filter kits

– Greater airflow and a consequent higher engine performance in torque and acceleration

– Very high filtration of all the impurities present in the air

– Perfect inter-changeability with the original filter (no need to make any changes to the motor cycle)

– Each filter is washable and reusable

– Unlimited life of the air filter respect than the original one

– Specifically manufactured for combination with SC-Project exhaust systems

– Deeper and racier suction sound

– Use of high-grade materials

When replacing the exhaust system In the latest generation motorcycles with a more efficient SC-Project model, a better and more rapid expulsion of the exhaust fumes is achieved is obtained, it is also consequently appropriate to adapt the air flow entering the engine air box and this is achieved by using a better performance air filter to balance the air suction in the air box with the outgoing exhaust fumes, which is significantly better thanks to the new exhaust system (also available in silencer-only version).

The SC-Project exhaust – SC-Project air filter combination guarantees a net performance improvement both in terms of increased HP and acceleration and torque. In some cases it is possible to install an add-on unit to obtain carburetion values adapted to the new configuration given by the more powerful air filter of the complete exhaust system (or by the silencer-only version).

Exhaust Materials – Stainless Steel, Carbon Fibre, Titanium


The internal parts of the exhaust are made out of ultra-light and slim AISI 304 stainless steel for a significant cutback in weight and are assembled at the caps solely using T.I.G. welding with both top-quality internal and external finishes.

The special sound-absorbent interior is of excellent quality and has been designed to resist the highest running temperatures, having been tested under the most oppressive conditions in the MotoGP and Moto2 World Championship.

Exhaust Series – GP


The GP exhaust system, synonymous with sheer sportiness, has a round and compact silencer body, with an impressive 60mm end pipe with curved exhaust pipe. The pipes have visible welding carried out exclusively using T.I.G. technology and are made out of AISI 304 stainless steel. For some models of motorbike the exhaust pipes are available in titanium.

The silencer has an oval body and is available in carbon fibre, titanium and Aisi stainless steel both in the standard satin version (grey colour) and in black satin, with a finish that is rough to the touch.

The silencer is available in a type-approved version with removable db killer (sound reducer) fixed in place with a screw and for some types of motorbike is available in a version with a catalytic convertor to ensure compliance with current anti-pollution laws and regulations (double type-approval version for sound and pollution emissions).

The GP exhaust system is ideal for all motorcycles and goes especially well with very sporty models with a side exhaust such as Aprilia RSV4, Kawasaki ZX-10R and ZX-6R, BMW S1000RR and Suzuki GSX-R 600-750

Exhaust Series – Oval R60


The Oval R60 exhaust system is featured by a an elliptic and compact shape and an exhaust system pipe union with a race design, which is made of aisi 304 stainless steel: it measures 60mm diameter and presents TIG welding

The silencer body is oval and is available only in carbon fiber: this underlines the strong racing conception of this product.

The silencer is available in the homologated version with extractable db killer (noise blast) which is fixed to the pipe union by a screw.

A pure exhaust system with a strong race conception and without stylish compromises is a Made in Italy product and it is ideal for Italian motorbikes with lateral exhaust systems as Ducati and Aprilia.

It has to be underlines the excellent technical and stylish compatibility with the street Teutonic BMW as F 800R and GS, both in 800 and 1200cc model.

Exhaust Series – GP M2


The M2 GP exhaust line is directly designed by the SC-Project Research and Development department for the prototype motorcycles which compete in the Moto2 World Championship on circuits all over the world with the Moto2 Cardion AB Motoracing Teams and the MZ-RE Honda Team in 2010 season and Moto2 Jir Racing Team in 2011 season that boast the most evolved complete 4-1 exhaust systems in full titanium designed by SC-Project.

From the experience and technologies that have developed in the new world champion class, a new “no compromise” exhaust line is born which uses the most advanced technologies available in the motorcycling field, first-choice avant-garde materials and a maniacal care in the making, placing themselves at the top of the exhausts available on the market.

The mufflers, short and extremely light, cylindrical and compact, are assembled with artisan care, the weldings are carefully done through T.I.G. process while, for the body of the muffler, it is possible to choose between the extremely light carbon and titanium fibre. The exhaust pipe has a diameter of 60mm and it is entirely in titanium with the weldings that show, in pure racing style. Depending on the model of the motorcycle, the inside of the muffler is available in different sizes and with variable conicity in order to obtain the best performance possible.

The special joints have been specifically designed for this type of exhaust and are available, depending on the version, in high quality aisi 304 stainless-steel or in full titanium, with a diameter starting from 52mm to a maximum of 70mm and have special conicity in order to guarantee the best performance with regards to torque and maximum power.

For some motorcycles’ models, the 70 mm joints have a perimeter interior structure made with special materials suited to guarantee a decrease of the decibels released by the exhaust, therefore having the double function of improving the performance and at the same time limit the emissions of decibels in compliance with the European type-approval limits (only for type-approved versions). Some motorcycles’ models come in a version equipped with anti pollution catalyst.

The entire range of Moto 2 replica mufflers is equipped with a carbon fibre exhaust holder band with the same surface of the muffler’s body in carbon. The type-approved versions have the db killer that can be extracted.
Perfect fusion between technology and performance at the highest levels, the M2 GP line is available in the type-approved replica version also for sports bikes for road use, maintaining unaltered the characteristics and the aesthetics of the mufflers which mount the bikes of the Moto 2 World Championship ridden by Anthony West and Karel Abraham.