Beware of Fake SC-Project Exhausts!

It has come to our attention that there are some irresponsible sellers out there that are marketing a ‘fake’ (counterfeit) SC-Project exhaust systems for motorcycles in Malaysia as of late.

To ensure that you get the best performance and best quality for your beloved bike, only buy SC-Project exhausts from our authorized resellers.

Click here for the list of our authorized resellers in your region.

Pihak kami telah dimaklumkan bahawa ada peniaga yang tidak bertanggungjawab menjual ekzos SC-Project tiruan di pasaran Malaysia.

Untuk memastikan anda mendapat prestasi dan kualiti yang terbaik untuk motorsikal kesayangan anda, pastikan anda membeli ekzos SC-Project dari pengedar rasmi kami.

Klik di sini untuk mendapatkan senarai pengedar SC-Project yang rasmi di kawasan anda.